Hearing God for Others - Individual Access

Join this incredible 5 Day challenge that has already impacted hundreds of people. 

You will also receive a certificate upon completion. 

  • A series of lessons where you will learn:
    • 4 keys to hearing God
    • Release the things that get in the way
    • Interpreting negative pictures
    • Do’s and Don’ts
    • Easy Introduction and Closer scripts
  • Practical Activation exercises
  • Commissioning & Impartation
  • Forever access to Recordings of all Basic and Premium sessions. 
  • Exclusive access to three bonus sessions content including:
    • Lori’s personal strategy and tips for personal encounter
    • Being released from performance
    • Unlocking your heart, and releasing your imagination
    • Breaking free from FEAR
    • Being led by the Spirit
    • How to use the prayer of Salvation

  • Bonus activations, hints, tips & more!

 Course also includes PowerPoint slides for each session, and quizzes as you go through this course.

£59.00 GBP