Spirit Cafe Training 

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This training will equip you to join a Spirit Cafe Team.  

Spirit Cafe is an exciting prophetic evangelism model that equips the church to offer real encounters with Jesus to those who are hungry for spiritual realities. 

In the many years now that Spirit Cafes have been running we have seen countless profound salvation experiences & healings. 

It's time for the church around the world to present Jesus to the community around us, in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit Cafe model makes it possible for even the most timid follower of Jesus to participate in the Harvest in valuable ways. 

Learn how to impact your community with an innovative Spirit led evangelism model that brings those who are hungry for spiritual truths right to your door! We will happily share the strategies that will equip you to be able to be a part of a Spirit Cafe! 

People are hungry for spiritual things, they just don't know where to look. The lost are really lost. If we don't reach them there are plenty of others who will.  We got tired of seeing new age advertisements every time we drove down our local streets, so we decided to offer an alternative, to the alternative.

The response is amazing.  Spirit Cafes in various places around the country and world are seeing 3-12 people invite Jesus into their lives every time they host a Spirit Cafe. People walk in off the street to receive a 'spiritual reading' or 'peace treatment' etc, and have an encounter with a real, loving God. One woman walked in a few weeks ago and said, 'I had no idea that God really wanted to know me. Tonight has been such a wonderful encounter with Him'.

Below is a recording of a leaders Info and Intro session which outlines the benefits of having a Spirit Cafe.

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